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  • Fed up with using medication to provide temporary relief?

  • Desperate to finally get rid of your chronic back pain?

  • Considering surgery?

“I believe anyone with a herniated or degenerative disc should try VAX-D first, before surgery.”
— Robert Channey, M.D.
Former Assistant Surgeon General of the United States

It is estimated that almost every person in the world will suffer from some form of back pain during their lifetime - whether it be temporary or permanent, a mild "twinge" or crippling agony.

The trouble is, it seems as though there are as many back pain "cures" as there are stars in the sky ... but what if there was a treatment that:

  • Doesn't require any surgery

  • Is completely non-invasive

  • Has been proven in over 10 clinical studies

  • Is being used to treat over 3,000 patients a day and is between
    72% and 88% effective

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